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Aquateam COWI - Environmental Consultancy Specialising in Water-Related Services

Aquateam COWI is an environmental consultancy specializing in water-related services, with expanded capabilities provided by our parent company, COWI. These services include pre-feasibility and conceptual studies, applied research, process design, plant operation, training and troubleshooting, testing and documentation of products and processes at bench-, pilot- and full-scale, environmental surveillance, environmental risk assessment.

Aquateam COWI has nearly 30 years of experience working within the oil and gas industry with a reputation for delivering comprehensive documentation and completing specialized work that meets the needs of our clients.

Design and support for treatment processes:

Injection and produced water,contaminated soil/sediments and drill cuttings, commissioning support.

3-D Graphic ModelIn pumping and drilling operations, space is often a premium. COWI is able to engineer tailor-made designs that meet the client's needs. In some cases, existing systems must be kept operational and running while modifications and/or additions are made. This challenge can be and has been overcome based on customer needs. COWI has previously designed a large seawater intake system as well as an onshore-liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant to help transform the gas into liquids for transport by ship. A number of structures designed by COWI have had specific design parameters tailored to meet operational requirements, which including specially designed pumping stations and outlets.

Not only can COWI accommodate system design needs, but we can also provide the services needed for finding the best technologies within the whole range of water treatment technologies, finding the fluid characteristics and requirements/regulations to meet, support during commissioning of the installation, support during technology qualification, if needed. This includes systems testing, quality assurance and control for the proper function. Typical support has been provided in produced water and injection water treatment systems, and taking a holistic approach looking at the total water treatment need and reject/solids treatment is part of the philosophy. We provide services both to the upstream and downstream business of oil and gas.

aquateamaquateamonsite sampling

Support services:

Produced water treatment, seawater injection, oilfield microbiology, fluid comingling and capabilities, operational support.

aquateamOnce a system has been operational for a given length of time, a system must be regularly monitored and controlled to ensure biocide dosing- and filtration efficiency to avoid corrosion and souring problems.
Assessing the quality of produced water and re-injected produced water is a specialized task. Trouble shooting to understand produced water treatment problems and finding solutions is a typical support function. Aquateam COWI meets our clients' needs using analyses such as:

  • particle and oil droplet size distribution
  • zeta potential measurements
  • flow cytometry
  • chemical and biological analyses

Oil field microbiology services include souring studies, Biofilm studies, measurement H2S production, and advising best practices for the treatment of bio-fouled systems. Aquateam COWI works to provide our clients with the knowledge and information necessary to keep their operations running smooth and efficient. We provide also support during decommissioning of installations having reached the end of their operational lifetime.

Chemicals and environment:

Environmental risk assessment and regulation compliance, as well as environmental effects or ecotoxicology monitoring.

Aquateam COWI is able to provide holistic environmental risk assessments and support to meet local regulations.

Services provided include:

  • Ecotoxicological studies.
  • Biodegradation, and treatability studies
  • Environmental Risk assessment,

COWI acquired Aquateam in 2013 as part of a strategy to offer a complete range of services to our clients. With combined expertise, we are now able to offer, not only design (i.e. structures, piping, process, instrumentation and electrical), but also monitoring and analyses (i.e. produced water quality, corrosion, microbiological activity, and chemical dosing and discharge). With past projects being offshore and onshore, COWI has provided services to companies around the world:

  • The North Sea (Ormen Lange, Heidrun, Draugen, Snorre, Statfjord etc...),
  • Europe (Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia),
  • Asia (Azerbaijan and Iran),
  • Africa (Libya, Rwanda and Tanzania),
  • the Middle East (Jordan, Oman, Qatar and Turkey),
  • North America (Canada, Greenland and the US),
  • India and Australia.

Services offered by AquateamWe provide training and courses to expand the knowledge base of operators and suppliers to the industry in our field of expertise.


Aquateam COWI AS
Hasleveien 10
0571 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 35 81 00
Email: aquateam@aquateam.no
URL: www.aquateam.no